Instructor :: Dennis

Dennis 大學時主修大眾傳播,畢業後加入了菲律賓著名舞團HOTLEGS 並開始成為職業舞蹈員。他曾學習過Hip hop、Jazz Funk、芭蕾舞、拉丁舞、國標舞及爵士舞,多元化的舞蹈背景更讓他有機會在不同企業活動及電視節目中表演。如今他是一名專業的Funky Dance 導師及編舞師。

Dennis graduated with a major in Mass Communication. He was a previous member of a respected dance group HOTLEGS in Manila, Philippines. He received professional dance training back in the day in Philippines, such as Hip hop, Jazz Funk, Ballet, Latin Dance, Ballroom Dance and Jazz, which has given him many opportunities to perform in different corporate and TV shows. He is now a Funky Dance instructor and choreographer.