Instructor :: Masa

Masa 是菲日本混血兒的跳舞者,他在13歲加入不同的跳舞學校和參與活動。後來被人發掘參加「我是誰」跳舞比賽,並獲得不同獎項。 他有十年以上跳舞經驗,並且在專業和世界級的跳舞課程學習不同元素的舞蹈,例如 Bboy, Hiphop, Locking, Krump, 及 Urban。 他於菲律賓曾與不少著名藝人在不同電視節目和大型活動中表演。三年前開始來港成為跳舞導師,舞蹈很有創意,擅長在課堂中為大家帶來歡樂氣氛。

Masa is a a half-Filipino and a half-Japanese choreographer, dancer and freestyle battler. Started dancing at the age of 13 by joining various school dance clubs and activities, he was then discovered to join Junior Final Justice and then later on got in Who Am I who are dance groups which bagged several awards and won a lot of competitions. With his more than 10 years of dancing, he learned several dance styles such as Bboy, Hiphop, Locking, Krump, and Urban from professional and international dance classes. During his stay in Philippines he was also able to perform in TV shows and big events along with famous artists. Currently, he’s been a dance instructor in Hongkong for 3 years and is known to be really creative, fun and responsible at work.