Instructor :: Mark

Mark 專長 Hip Hop及Urban Dance,在專注舞蹈教學及編舞工作前是由不同的Freestyle Dance Battle中開始他的舞蹈生活。他除了在不同舞蹈學校及大學擔任舞蹈編排及老師外,也在電視台演出及擔任編舞。為了提升舞技,他一直有參予不同國籍舞蹈編排的課堂以進修。跳舞對Mark來說就等於生命的一部分,也帶領他走到現在。Mark認為跳舞帶給他快樂,也可令他與其他人有更深入的聯繫。他希望自己可透過舞蹈去啟發及推動更多人。

Mark has started dancing as a Freestyle Dance Battler before he focused on teaching and choreographing. He was not only a former TV dancer and choreographer, but also a dance teacher and choreographer of different studios and universities in the Philippines. He has developed his dance skills through attending the class from both local and international choreographer in the Philippines. “Dance is a part of my life, because without dance, I’m not here where I am now.” He said. Dance brings him happiness and helps him to have a deeper connection with new people and friends. He hopes he can inspire more people, and motivate other people through dance. Mark has expertise in teaching Hip Hop and Urban Dance.