Instructor :: Wata

WATA 在12歲時開始於 Dancer's Incorporated 習舞,是 Joy Coronel小姐及 Edward Malagkit 先生的門徒。培訓他的均是大師級的本地及國際舞蹈及編舞師。他們是 Max Luna、 Henry Hineline、Anatoli Panasyukov、Sofia Zobel、Denisa Reyes、Nonoy Froilan、Julie Alagde 及 Ramonette Victoria。在2007- 2008年,他加盟了ABA Production 的小飛俠亞洲之旅並於香港、吉隆坡和台北演出。他熟練體 操、古典和現代芭蕾、爵士、現代、街舞和嘻哈。他於2014年8月及2013年8月分別以 Mega Crew Division 及 Adult Division 的組別參加了在拉斯維加斯舉行的 World HipHop International。他以前還參加了在澳洲的 World Supremacy Battle Grounds 2012。他亦於加州洛杉磯佛羅里達州進行訓練。他是 ADDLIB 團隊的編舞師。 他於 Gma7 電視台上為不同的菲律賓名人及電視紅星排舞。

WATA started dancing at the age of 12 in Dancer's Incorporated under the tutelage of Ms. Joy Coronel and Mr. Edward Malagkit. He was trained by renowned local & international dance master and choreographers. They are among Max Luna, Henry Hineline, Anatoli Panasyukov, Sofia Zobel, Denisa Reyes, Nonoy Froilan, Julie Alagde and Ramonette Victoria. In 2007-2008, he joined the ABA Production of PETER PAN ASIAN TOUR in hongkong, KL Malaysia and Taipei Taiwan. He trained in Gymnastics, Classical and Modern Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Street Dance and Hiphop. He also joined international competitions in the World HipHop International in Las Vegas, Nevada dated August 2014 under Mega Crew division and in the year 2013- Adult Division. He also joined in the World Supremacy Battle Grounds 2012 in Australia. And he takes dance Classes in Los Angeles California and Florida. He is the residents choreographer of The ADDLIB. He choreographed different Philippine artists concerts and television appearances in Gma7 network station.