Instructor :: Rex

畢業於香港演藝學院藝術學士(榮譽)學位 - 主修中國舞。畢業後旋即成為香港動藝舞蹈團的註團舞者,現為自由身舞者。曾積極參與本地及海外不同類型的舞蹈及舞台劇演出,其中包括焦媛實驗劇團音樂劇《白毛女》、城市當代舞蹈中心《舞蹈青年—平台舞蹈表演計劃》、香港演藝學院由刑亮編導的《覺》、香港舞蹈團《清明上河圖》、2011年JS Dance Theater《Fragile》(馬來西亞演出)、2012年動藝舞蹈團文化大使《心本日和》、2012年大舞台劇團和框格音樂事務音樂劇由 Mohamed Drissi編導的《風之后》、2012年香港藝穗民化節俳優劇埸《我們都是》、2013年香港天主教音樂劇《流芳濟世》、2013年由黃志榮編舞及監製的『聽說…這裡很美』、2013年動藝舞蹈團文化大使由蔡

REX graduated at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and got the BFA(Hon) Degree in Dance, major in Chinese Dance. After graduation he was immediate became a member of the DanceArt Hong Kong and now he is a freelancer. He was involved in a lot of local and overseas' dance and stage performances, including "The White Haired Girl" from the Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre, "WuDaoQingNian - Podium Dance Performance" by the City Contemporary Dance Company, "Out of Nowhere" from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts choreographed by Xing Liang, "Qingming Riverside" by the Hong Kong Dance Company, "Fragile" by JS Dance Theater at Malaysia in 2011, Cultural Ambassador of the "Hiyori Forever" of DanceArt Hong Kong in 2012, "Queen of the Wind" from Big Stage Theatre and Honger Music Venture choreographed by Mohamed Drissi in 2012 , "We Are No Body" by the Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival in 2012, "St Francis of Assisi" by St Francis Musical in 2013, "It is really lovely here...or so I heard" choreographed and supervised by Wong Chi-wing in 2013, Cultural Ambassador of the "Memory Catcher" by DanceArt Hong Kong choreographed by Cai Ying, "Gan Eden" by Pleroma Theatre Production choreographed by Yankov Wong and Andy Wong in 2013, "illusion-art-scape" by DanceArt Hong Kong and Hong Kong Dance Festival choreographed by Francis Leung in 2013, "Disorder" by E - SIDE DANCE COMPANY (Imagination Boom Series) choreographed by Tracy Chan in 2014, "Gengyi Ji" from DanceArt Hong Kong choreographed by Yvette Huang in 2015 and "Human Internship" from Hong Kong Dance Alliance choreographed by Justyne Li etc. In the past years REX has also published some solo choreography work, including Rehearsal (2013), No.36 (2014), Tear Up / Gear Down (2015), DepARTure (2015) and On l Off? (2016) etc.