Instructor :: Redd

早在90年代,Polycosmic 這一青少年舞團便塑造 REDD成為一個跳舞狂熱表表者。當時只有十六歲的他,便開始為菲律賓不同的電視台,於國內及國外表演,同時亦奠定了他的舞蹈地位及專業資格。Redd 專注於Hip Hop 技巧,為了提升自己的舞蹈造詣,他定期會前往韓國不同的著名舞館進修。

Back in the 90's, Polycosmic teen squad has mold REDD into a dance lover. He started to participate in various dance performances with different TV shows and events not only in the Philippines, but also in many countries, which had made him a professional dancer since 16 years old. Redd focuses on Hip Hop dance and he keeps his knowledge and skill most updated by attending dance classes at the most well-known dance studio in South Korea regularly.