Instructor :: Redd

早在90年代,Polysomic 的青少年隊便塑造 REDD成為一個跳舞愛好者。他為菲律賓不同的電視公司,於國內及國外表演,奠定他的專業資格。為提升自己的造詣,他前往韓國,到著名的One Million 工作室進修,參加由Alvin De Castro 先生、 Lyle Beniga先生及 Sorah Yang 小姐監督的課程。

Back in the 90's, Polysomic teen squad has mold REDD into a dance lover. From there, he had his professional qualification doing a variety of dances with different television companies in the Philippines that gave him more performances in and out of the country. Enhancing his skills, he went dancing class One Million Korea; a class in the supervision of Mr. Alvin De Castro, Mr. Lyle Beniga and Miss Sorah Yang respectively.