Instructor :: Peter

PETER 大學畢業後,被馬尼拉的一個大型舞蹈團選去培訓。當時他開始接觸爵士、街舞、爵士放克,兩年後他為了前途而離職。然後,他加入了一個團體令他學習了更多的抒情爵士及當代舞。從那時起,他便在菲律賓電視上多個節目包括 ABS-CBN、GMA、和 TV5 上演出。為增強他的專業舞蹈事業,他也曾為菲律賓的一些大公司,如 P&G、 UniLiver、 Bench、Board Walk等的節目編舞。此後,他一直都有在中東一些節目中巡迴演出。

After PETER graduated from college with a Degree, he was chosen to be a scholar of one big dance company in Manila. By then, he started training some Jazz, HipHop, Jazz Funk and he left the company for good after 2 years. He then found a group where he learned more in Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary, and since then he danced in TV Shows in Philippines which is ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV5. Adding to his professional dancer career, he has become a choreographer of some big events in the Philippines, like P&G, UniLiver, Bench, Board Walk and so on. Since then, he had been touring around themiddle east to perform in some shows.