Instructor :: Nick

每次當 NICK 跳舞時,觀眾焦點從來都不會落到其他人身上。他是一名虔誠教徒,感謝上帝賜給他跳舞的天賦。他珍惜生活中的每一個時刻,因為光陰一去不返。他用熱情及感恩的心跳出每一步,他向大家展示並親自演繹了怎樣在自己的人生舞台上成為巨星。

Every time NICK dances, no one can take the spotlight out of him. He always loves God and he is thankful for what God has given him - the talent of dancing. He cherishes every moment in life because they can never take back the hands of time. He performs every single step with passion and grace. He shows the people how it should be done and be the STAR of your own stage.