Instructor :: Nata

NATA 出生於印尼。她在很年輕的時候已經接觸中國舞。她也是註冊中國舞老師。作為一個年輕的天才舞者,她於2001年參與過第二屆中國少數民族藝術節的表演。她求學的期間曾到馬來西亞及北京作舞蹈交流生,並榮獲林嘉星藝術獎學金。大學畢業後,她繼續鑽研其他舞種,包括接受嘻哈、爵士舞、肚皮舞、大溪地舞蹈等的專業培訓。她也曾在數間幼兒園、小學、中學和精神殘疾的學校中任教。在2013年她考取到IPFTA資格的拳擊教練證書。除了跳舞外,有時候她也會兼職一下當歌手。

NATA was born in Indonesia. She began Chinese Dance training at a young age. She is a registered Chinese Dance teacher. Being a young talent, she has already joined The 2nd Minorities Art Festival of China in 2001. During her studies she went to Malaysia and Beijing for dance exchange and was awarded Lam Kar Sing Art scholarship. After graduated from the University, her passion in dance contributed her exploration in more dance genre. She has been trained in Hip Hop, Jazz dance, Belly dance, Tahitian dance etc. She had taught at several kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and mental disabilities schools. She is also passionate in Martial Art. In 2013, she obtained a boxing instructor qualification from IPFTA. Except for dancing, she is also a part-time singer.