Instructor :: Kino

KINO: 就讀於北京舞蹈學院,主修中國民族民間舞表演教育專業,在學期間已在中央電視台、北京電視台以及各省電視台擔任合作舞蹈編導,為大型音樂節目及慶祝晚會編排舞蹈表演。他同時也是各地藝術院校的特約導師,為學生編排舞蹈節目、畢業晚會及舞蹈比賽,取得多個獎項和殊榮。2004年畢業後之後,Kino以交流生身份來到香港演藝學院進修編舞專業,同時擔任該校的初班民間舞導師。畢業後加入香港迪士尼樂園,擔當音樂劇「獅子王慶典」主要角色之一。Kino於2015年初加入Hong Kong Funky Dance Centre擔任導師至今,主要教授Funky Dance及Stretching Class ( TCD)。

KINO studied in Beijing Dance Academy major in Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance. He has served as a co-choreographer at CCTV, BTV and TV stations in other provinces during the study period, participated in various music shows and celebration events. He has also worked as a tutor in several art schools, helping in dance shows, graduation ceremonies, and dance competitions, which had received a number of awards and honours. After graduation in 2004, he continued to study at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts as an exchange student, major in choreography, meanwhile, he also served as a folk dance instructor. A year after, he had joined the Hong Kong å to play a major role in the musical“Festival of the Lion King”for six years. Kino started to join Hong Kong Funky Dance Centre as an instructor since 2015 and he teaches Funky Dance and Stretching Class (TCD).