Instructor :: Kenneth

KENNETH 18歲開始習舞,曾參與不少舞蹈比賽並取得獎項。亦曾為不少藝人伴舞,並於TVB和ATV 的電視節目中參予演出。2011年開始教授FUNKY DANCE,曾被邀請到電台節目接受關於跳舞健康的訪問,更為雜誌拍攝及撰寫專欄,推廣跳舞的好處。專長Jazz Funk, Funky Dance, Heels Dance。

KENNETH started dancing since the age of 18, and has been awarded several times in various championships. He has also danced with multiple celebrities on screen, recorded TV Shows for both TVB and ATV previously. He has been started teaching Funky Dance since 2011, thereafter he was invited for an interview about healthy dancing at the radio, also photo shooting and writing articles about the benefit for dancing for magazines. He is specialised in Jazz Funk, Funky Dance and Heels Dance.