Instructor :: Japs

JAPS 是科學與企業傳訊學士學位的畢業生。他想從一個娛樂的環境中利用自己的天賦、技能和教育背景發展他的舞蹈事業。他是一個精於嘻哈的多才多藝舞者。他也有研究芭蕾、爵士、舞廳和踢踏舞。他注重細節、創意和熱忱的性格令他可以跟其他人充分合作,或是獨立地完成工作。作為一個擁有超過10年專業及編舞經驗的舞者,他曾在菲律多個不同的音樂會及電視節目上演出。除了醉心於舞蹈中,他也曾是一個熱愛羽毛球的前校隊球員。

JAPS is a graduate of Bachelor of Science and Corporate Communications. He would like to obtain a dancing career in an entertainment environment in which he progressively utilizes his talent, skills and educational background. He is a versatile Dancer with his expertise in Hip Hop dance. He has learned the basics of Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom and Tap dance. He is attentive to details, creative and dedicated individual who is able to work as a team as well as on his own. He is able to provide as well as to follow instructions. With more than 10 years' experience as a professional dancer and choreographer, he had performed at different concerts in the Philippines and participated in dance shows on TV. Adding to the dancing career, he was also a former Badminton varsity player.