Instructor :: Hassette

HASSETTE 大學時主修電腦科學,但他熱衷表演。他曾是菲律賓著名舞蹈團的成員,以多元化表演而享負盛名。除此之外他進修了街舞、標準、芭蕾、爵士、踢躂等舞蹈。他亦曾跟隨一些菲律賓名人及歌手到其他國家的演唱會表演。

HASSETTE graduated with a degree of computer science yet Hassette loves to perform. He was the previous member of a famous dance group in Philippines which is known for their versatility in dancing. He also took classes in hip-hop, ballroom, ballet, jazz, tap and other genres. He was able to go to other countries even to perform in concerts for famous celebrities from Philippines.