Instructor :: Francis

FRANCIS 15歲的時候發現了他對舞蹈的興趣,當初只是覺得有趣便與朋友組織跳舞。當他在1996年進入大學後,他成為 SALINGGAWI 舞蹈團成員中的一員,這是該大學最有名的舞蹈團。他學會了爵士、嘻哈、體操、啦啦隊和菲律賓民間舞蹈。當他畢業時,他繼續並決心以跳舞為專業。他曾在2003年的DANSCAP MANILA 演出。同年他於中國北京舞蹈藝術節代表菲律賓表演菲律賓民間舞蹈。 2004年,他成為菲律賓知名的 WHIPLASH DANCE COMPANY 的一員。他亦於演唱會及菲律賓文化中心演出,也是 DANCEMASTER 中的一員,曾參與不少大型品牌之產品展示及商演項目,也曾在新加坡的濱海藝術中心著名的劇院演出。

FRANCIS started his dancing interest when he was 15. It's just for fun dancing with friends. When he got into university in 1996, he became a member of SALINGGAWI DANCE TROUP member. It's a prestigious group in this university. He learned jazz, hip hop, gymnastics, cheer leading, and Philippine folk dances. When he graduated, he continued dancing as a profession. He did dance concert with DANSCAP MANILA in 2003. In the same year, he went to china Beijing for DANCE ARTS FESTIVAL to represent Philippines dancing folk dances. In 2004, he became a member of WHIPLASH DANCE COMPANY, a well known dance company in Philippines. He performed in TV shows pop star concert and Cultural Center of the Philippines or CCP and also a member of DANCEMASTER, performing many shows like company shows product and luncheon shows. He also performed in Singapore and danced at the well known theatre called ESPLANADE THEA