Instructor :: Bryan

BRYAN 出生在菲律賓巴丹半島。他是一名舞蹈演員,也是一個排舞師。他專長教授兒童Hip-hop,其少年Hip-hop隊獲獎無數。他亦為本地不少大型表演項目作編排,包括為天王黎明的演唱會之舞蹈編排。舞蹈是Bryan的生命,但他還喜歡電子遊戲、音樂、看電影、混音及任何涉及創意的活動!他是個隨意、古怪、喜歡冒險及有常識的人。他相信上帝、家庭和朋友。他認為小事情的發生能刺激生活上的美好,創造一個更大的景象。他是一個夢想家,相信耕耘一定會有收獲。他最享受與朋友和家人的寶貴時間。

BRYAN was born and raised in Bataan. He is a dancer and also a dancing choreographer. Bryan has expertise in teaching kids Hip-hop, his Kids Hip-hop Team has received a number of awards. He has choreographed numerous big shows, including super star Leon Lai’s concert. Dancing is pretty much his life but he also enjoys video games, music, watching DVDs, audio mixing and almost anything creative! He is random, weird, adventurous, built with common sense. He believes in God, in family and friends. He believes little things happen to be the best things in life that create a bigger picture. He is a dreamer and believes things will happen if you truly work on it. He is straight and he enjoys the best of his time with the friends and family that matter most.