Instructor :: Jessica

Jessica於9歲學習中國舞,中學時期亦擔任學校Dance Club隊長。由於熱愛舞蹈,15歲開始自學各種舞蹈,包括jazzfunk, hiphop, kpop等。為了追求舞蹈夢,2019年毅然決定去北京上大學,將更多時間留給舞蹈。短短兩年,Jessica由北京師範大學KEEPCREW隊員榮升為隊長。2020年,以KEEPCREW隊員身份參賽全國健身舞蹈大賽,榮獲第三名。2021年,以KEEPCREW隊長身份編排健身舞蹈,勇奪第四。同年間,更於海選突圍而出,成為中央電視台五一晚會的舞蹈演員。2022年,以Witch Studio隊員身份跟隨汪瑩導師參賽全國街舞大賽Dance Vision,榮獲第七。

Jessica studied Chinese dance at the age of 9 and also served as the captain of the school's Dance Club in middle school. Because of his love for dance, he began to learn various dances by himself at the age of 15, including jazzfunk, hiphop, kpop, etc. In order to pursue the dream of dancing, I resolutely decided to go to Beijing to go to college in 2019, leaving more time for dancing. In just two years, Jessica was promoted to captain by a KEEPCREW member of Beijing Normal University. In 2020, he participated in the National Fitness Dance Competition as a member of KEEPCREW and won the third place. In 2021, he choreographed a fitness dance as the captain of KEEPCREW and won the fourth place. In the same year, he broke out of the audition and became a dancer at the CCTV May Day Gala. In 2022, as a member of Witch Studio, he followed Wang Ying's mentor to participate in the National Street Dance Vision Competition and won the seventh place.