Instructor :: Noel

你好,我叫Noel,來自菲律賓。 我從14歲就開始跳舞,16歲開始我的職業生涯。 我參加過全國各地的電視節目和商場的比賽。 從那時起,我開始拓展我作為舞蹈演員的職業生涯。 我曾在菲律賓三大電視網絡:GMA、ABSBCN 和 TV5 擔任幾位菲律賓知名名人的伴舞。 我一直是一名自由舞者,同時在電視節目中擔任伴舞。 我還和APL DE AP這樣的大明星一起在菲律賓競技場和阿拉內塔體育館的一些大型活動中表演,然後我選擇了舞蹈健身教練的職業; 我在全國許多城鎮和公司任教。 另外,我以前也是香港海洋公園的表演者。

Hello, my name is Noel Balitos, and I am from the Philippines. I've been dancing since I was 14 years old, and my professional career started when I was 16 years old. I've competed on TV shows and in malls all over the country. Since then, I've begun to expand my professional career as a dance performer. I've worked as a backup dancer for several well-known Filipino celebrities on three major Philippine television networks: GMA, ABSCBN, and TV5. I've been working as a freelance dancer while being a backup dancer on television shows. I also performed at some huge events at the Philippine Arena and the Araneta Coliseum with big superstars like APL DE AP, and then I chose to pursue a profession as a dance fitness instructor; I teach in many towns and companies all over the country. In addition, I was a previous performer at Ocean Park in Hong Kong.