Instructor :: Blue

Blue 是一名經驗豐富的舞者超過 25 年,從他 16 歲起,他就在各種知名的菲律賓青少年團體中接受過專業訓練,包括 Polycosmic Teen Squad 和 Neo Teen Express。在菲律賓電視節目 Wowowee、X-Factor Philippines 和 Bench Fashion Show 以及 Sino Stage 和 Kinjaz Studio 的專業培訓中,與小隊一起為 ASF 舞者跳舞。 Blue擅長嘻哈、街舞和都市舞,側重於音樂性和抒情音樂。 憑藉他所有的專業經驗和培訓,作為我的熱情、時尚和魅力的導師,我所帶來的​​最重要的東西。他喜歡所有學生都能感受到的舞蹈,歸根結底,他只是希望每個人都喜歡跳舞並學習新東西,無論您的年齡或水平如何。

Blue has been a seasoned dancer for over 25 years, since he was 16 years old He was professionally trained in various well-known Filipino teen groups including Polycosmic Teen Squad and Neo Teen Express. Along with the squads, & also danced for ASF dancers on the Filipino TV show Wowowee, X-Factor Philipines and Bench Fashion Show, professional training at Sino Stage and Kinjaz Studio. Blue specialises is hip-hop, street dance and urban dance with a focus on the musicality and lyrical musics. With all of his professional experience and training, the most important thing I’m brings as an instructor for my passion, fashion and charisma. He loves to dance felt by all students and at the end of the day he just wants everyone to enjoy dancing and learn something new, no matter your age or level.