Instructor :: Joey

早於90年代,Joey已是菲律賓的街舞先驅之一。直至1999年,他開始了專業舞蹈生涯。他參與了當地大型電視台的舞蹈節目,例如GMA的SOP 及 ABS-CBN 的 MTB。其間,Joey負責為大部分商演及演唱會的歌手及藝人編舞。 作為一位專業的舞者,Joey 對不同的舞種都有涉獵,包括 Hip Hop、Urban、Lyrical、Breakdance、Krumping、Basic Jazz 等。 在2011年,Joey在杜拜的Holiday Beach Club 擔任排舞師,直至2016年,Joey回到菲律賓,於Slimmers World International 擔任健身及舞蹈導師。2016-17年萬聖節期間,他曾擔任香港海洋公園火之舞的主要舞蹈員演出。 Joey 為人友善,對舞蹈充滿熱誠,希望專注在舞蹈教學上,表達他對跳舞的熱愛。

Back in 1990’s, Joey was one of the pioneers of the street dancing in the Philippines. And right after those experience, He dance professionally by the year 1999. He was affiliated with the Major Television Programs like GMA’s “SOP” and ABS-CBN “MTB”. He manage and choreograph most of the mall shows/events and concerts from various artist in the Philippines. Joey is highly authoritative in Hiphop, Urban, Lyrical, Breakdancing, Krumping, Basic Jazz and many more. He’s the director/choreographer of the Entertainment of the Holiday Beach Club, UAE. He’s an active Fitness/Dance Instructor back in the Philippines from Slimmers World international since year 2016-2018. One of the pioneer Fire dancers and Events Performer at Hong Kong Ocean Park from year 2016-2017. He’s very chummy person who fully dedicated to his job and show his passion thru his craft.