Instructor :: Bong

BONG 自 1999 年起開始跳舞,多年來得到許多演出機會,從私人聚會、電視節目、音樂錄像到大型音樂會等。他曾與眾多位本地歌手同台演出,包括鄭秀文、容祖兒、劉德華、郭富城、陳奕迅、黎明、王力宏、李玟、古巨基、關淑怡等。他現在是一名自由舞蹈、編舞及爵士放克導師。

Since starting to dance in 1999, BONG has had many performance opportunities, from private functions, TV shows to music videos and large scale concerts. He has worked with numerous local artist including Sammi Cheng, Joey Yung, Andy Lau, Arron Kwok, Eason Chan, Leon Lai, Lee Hom Wang, Coco Lee, Leo Ku, Shirley Kwan, etc. He is now a freelance dancer, choreographer and jazz funk instructor.